A classic fixture of the modern garden, gazebos provide shade, seating and a visual center to any park, garden or outdoor green space. Nothing makes an afternoon in the park more pleasant than a beautiful gazebo. These simple structures offer open air seating, so picnickers can enjoy fresh air and seating. Equally important is the fact that the roof provides welcome protection from the elements like rain or direct sunlight. Rajshri Fibre offers an array of beautiful, pre-fabricated FRP gazebos that are perfectly suited to any park, garden or outdoor space.

Rajshri Fibre FRP Gazebos Fit Anywhere

Whether they are situated in a private garden, a public park, a university quadrangle or a hotel’s green space, Rajshri Fibre’s gazebos provide the perfect complement to a pleasant sunset or a picnic with friends. These pre-fabricated structures are remarkably simple, and require very little in the way of foundations or architectural support. Since they are free-standing, they can be installed virtually anywhere. Moreover, Stromberg can accommodate any design requests.